New hair

I colored my hair. It’s a little darker in reality, but not as dark as i planned. But this color is amazing. I colored it myself (Garnier hair color) and it came out perfect. It has this pale greyish brown tone, soft-light brown 🙂 I just decided in the store that i’m not ready just yet to go all dark again 🙂 And if this starts to grow out it starts to have that ombre kind of effect 😛
footnote: the curls/waves are made with Babyliss’s waver!

2 thoughts on “New hair

  1. cococherry

    uu, mulle meeldib! ja sul on just need kadestamisväärsed messy-looking a'la carrie bradshaw lokid! nii ägedad no! (ma kujutan ette, et selliste lokkide omanik vb neid ägedaks ei pea – tüütu jne – aga no nii fierce'd näevad välja lihtsalt!)


  2. Ann Buht

    Need pole loomulikud lokid, sestap meeldivad need ka mulle. Need rohkem korrapärasemad sasilokid kui loomulikud lokid. Sai emale kingitudneed tangid, aga olen ise neid vist rohkem kasutanud juba 😀


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