So today i managed to get on bus on time. But the weather was yet again appealing to shoot, but i actually planned some time for couple of pictures, without taking them while running. Anyway i seeked for simple ready-to-go-and-mingle shoes, but i didn’t quite find them, but i had to buy something. In new yorker there were a punch of sneakers but no color suited, so i picked simple black (i really would’ve chosen anything but black, but as there was nothing that i liked i had to choose the most classic). And they were cheap : ~10€
Plus the ring, but that’s for my mom!
Igatahes, täna jõudsin linna ka ja ei jäänud isegi bussist maha. Ilm oli taaskord väga ahvatlev ja sestap varusin minekuks ja viis-kümme lisaminutit, et ei peaks jooksupealt klõpsima 😀
Linnas otsisin endale lihtsaid, väga lihtsaid, papusi, aga päris selliseid ikka ei olnud mida lootsin leida ja pidin lihtsad tennised muretsema kuna väga vaja oli mingeid. New yorkeris oli terve riiul erinevas toonis tenniseid, aga mitte üks toon mulle ei istunud ja pidin mustade kasuks otsustama. Sõrmus on emale! 😉

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