Playlist special: Tyler Hilton ‘Forget the storm’

So today’s repeat album for me is Tyler Hilton ‘Forget the storm’ 

If anyone’s ever watched tv-series One tree hill then s/he might remember him from there. I have also seen him in an amazing movie called Walk the line where he played Elvis Presley!
Anyway, i actually discovered this album today by hunch ( it’s a new album, but it was released in 2012 so not that new) and i so love it. I actually wanted to share some other random songs with you today but i’ve always appreciated him and he’s seriously underappreciated, so i decided to deticate a whole album.
Kokkuvõttes: täna lasen teile Tyler Hilton’i albumit ‘Forget the storm’.  Kui keegi on kunagi ‘One tree hill’i vaadanud siis ehk tunneb ta ära sealt. Mina olen teda lisaks veel näindu Walk the line filmis kus ta mängis Elvis Presley osa (Johnny Cashy tsentriline film, võitnud ka oscari)

Tegelikult sattusin selle albumi otsa kogemata (ma ei hoia üldse oma vanadel lemmikutel silma peal, häbi mul olgu). See on päris uus (2012). Tahtsin tegelikult jagada suvalisi uuemaid lemmiklugusi. Aga kuna arvasin, et Tyler vajab tähelepanu , kuna ta on nii alahinnatud , siis otsustasin tema kasuks.

Enjoy / Nautige!

Track ‘You’ll ask for me’ is my best / Lugu nimega ‘You’ll ask for me’ on minu lemmik'll%20ask%20for%20me&total=1't%20stop%20now&total=1't%20no%20fooling%20me&total=1

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