Nervous much

I have a pretty exciting job interview today and i’m starting to get really nervous. It’s still couple of hours away, so i’m pretty much ready to start chewing my fingers off. I’ll talk about the job when i get it, don’t wanna ruin the luck.
Edit: Just as i was saving the post i got a call from the lady who i was suppose to have an interview with and it was postponed until next week. But the conversation pretty much said that the job was mine. So i think i’ll give you some deatails. The job is in a gallery. Maybe it only sounds awesome for me, but i would be really honored to put down gallery job in my CV. The only downside is that it’s in the summer. Who knows, maybe i’ll be so good at it that they will keep me… or not πŸ˜€Β 
Mul on tΓ€na vestlus ΓΌhele vΓ€ga pΓ΅nevale tΓΆΓΆpostile ja ma hakkan juba pΓ€ris tugevalt nΓ€rveerima. Selleni on veel mitu-mitu tundi aega ja ma olen juba valmis nΓ€rima oma sΓ΅rmi otsast. Ma rÀÀgin sellest pikemalt siis kui ma selle saan. Ei taha Γ€ra rikkuda oma vΓ΅imalust πŸ˜›

Lisa: Just sel ajal kui postituse salvestasin, helistati mulle ja paluti kokkusaamiseks hoopis jΓ€rgmist kolmapΓ€eva, aga jutu jΓ€rgi sain aru, et tΓΆΓΆ on ilmselt minu. Niiet ma natukese vihje annan. Nimelt on tegu kolme kuuse perioodiga ΓΌhes haapsalu galeriis. Minu jaoks kΓ΅lab see nii pΓ΅nevalt, vΓ΅ibolla teile mitte. Aga mul oleks pΓ€ris uhke CV’sse lisada, et olen tΓΆΓΆtanud galeriis πŸ˜€

Β Random finds are always the most exciting ones πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Nervous much

  1. oh minu arvates on see kΓΌll vΓ€ga Γ€ge! ja ma ikka pean kindlasti sel suvel Haapsallu jΓ΅udma – see on mul suurelt ja punaselt to-do listis! muideks, blogi uus header on vΓ€ga-vΓ€ga mΓ΅nus!


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