New York state of mind

Here’s something starlucky. My sister went to NY and brought me back a starbucks awesome thermos cup. Actually two. One is for my friend. I mean what would you order from America 😀
And two other awesome things. Essie nailpolishes. I’ve actually never tried them. And now that i have. I wouldn’t say that they are better in quality (they do dry really fast which is a huge bonus) than opi, but ESSIE sure has a good taste with tones. I mean they are all so bullseye. Anyway, i’ve only tryed the coral pink and that one is so special. I so tried to get the real tone on the camera, but it’s still 100x times better in real life. It sure suits with a tan, and fortunately my hands are the first things that get really tanned 😀
i love-love-love it!

2 thoughts on “New York state of mind

  1. Ann Buht

    Tegelikult on see pigem helesinine, nimes ütleb küll mint (võibolla väga õrnalt kumab mündiroheline läbi), aga ma pigem ütleks et siiski selline pastelne helesinine. Selline millega sõrmeotsad kaugelt välguvad 😀

    Ja just hetk tagasi sai ka katsetatud (ise olen sellest korallitoonist nii vaimustuses, et see sinine seda küll üle ei trumpa, aga siiski väga suvine värv). Mul on pea identse tooniga Alessandro küünelakk. Kahjuks väike miinus on, koralli küünelakk hakkab juba järgmisel päeval otstest kooruma-purunema. Aga eks kõike ei saa, toonid on neil ikkagi väga armsad.

    (PS! vaata paar postitust üles, seal on sinine küünelakk ka näitamisel)


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