Tiny haul (english only)

I haven’t really shopped in SEPPELÄ in quite a while and i really don’t miss it. But as in Haapsalu there’s not much choice, i had to. But i do enjoy those sales they have. You know the things that have been there for ages and they drop the price like 70 percent. Usually they are like jewelry or tops. But I personally always fiund the most fierce jewlery in there and i ALWAYS think how are they still there. All the other idiodic crap goes and things that are actually pretty are on the forgotten shelves. Anyway. I got myself two tops (one is on the next entry), one tank top (which is that organic cotton one and i have to admit it’s better than LINDEX’s organic cotton tank top… it hasn’t stretched out, lindex one get’s loose really quickly, like within a hour… Anyway i got that amazing necklace (i’m not actually big fan of necklaces but i think they give so much extra and it’s time for me to start appreciating them), ”matching” earrings, those ”petrol” sunglasses (which are pretty crappy plastic ones but they looked awesome :D), amazing pants and no they are not harem, they are just loose but i love the cut that they have , so they look pretty, not tasteless and they have pockets which go perfectly with that cut. And from walking (i try to acoid this place, but i needed some just-throw-on shoes). I think i got it all. Next post i have two more!

PS! Don’t mind the mistakes, i’m typing quickly…again… so i could go to sleep…or not.
I seriously LOVE it! 
I pretty much bought it because it has this so SWEET pattern. I love coral pink and it’s a little hidden in there with the stripes. And if i remember correctly, it’s also organic cotton (and those clothes are like baby ducks on your skin :D)

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