Evening with a friend and cosmopolitan

So i had this nice calm evening with my best friend. I wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday so that’s how we got to celebrate it…in depression 😀
We were planning to just each take a glass of wine, but ended up witth bottle (because they were only sold by bottle) of wine and i took a cosmopolitan, which was BY THE WAY unbelievably strong and i ended up being pretty much drunk 😀 Spilled wine all over myself and so on. Fun evening! 😀
Niisiis, mul oli vahva ja vaikne õhtu parima sõbranna seltsis. Oma 23 sünnipäeva ma väga suurelt tähistada ei soovinud, niiet nii saime natukenegi tähistada.
Plaanisime lihtsalt mõlemad pokaali veini võtta, aga lõpetasime hoopis pudeliga (kuna klaasi kaupa ei müüdud) ja ma lisaks veel cosmopolitani. Mis oli ebaharilikult vägaväga kange. Hakkas ilusti pähe kõik 😀
Tore õhtu!
I don’t really remember if the brie cheese was fried or just from the pan, but it was unexpected and GOOD!

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