Chit-chat on the bus (english)

Wake me up before you go-go. 

That’s sounding in my earphones while i’m sitting on the smallest bus ever made and trying to fit in the bus seat with my enornmous laptop. In  times like these i seriously envy ipads and crap like that. No, no i don’t (split personality makes yet another unwelcome visit ;D). Actually i can’t do much activites in the bus without getting sick. When i was little i had car-bus-everything-on-wheels sickness all the time. I think i never actually threw up, maybe couple of times, but travelling more than ten miles was killer for me.

Oh a track change. Al Bano & Romina Power – Felicita.

I’m filling up my spotify 80’s60’s playlist. Track change to Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O

I l o v e traveling by bus now. Little cars (especially my dad’s ‘sport’ish’ car) still make me sick, but most of the time i don’t get sick anymore. So travelling by bus is a real treat for me. I usually get into that bus zone while you stuff your ears up with earphones and listen to the most amazing music and then your mind just starts to wander. I mean i would never write a post like that, you know ”meaningful” and ”deep”, when i had my feet on the ground. It’s literally like you’re in the other dimension looking down to your current life.
See? That is not normal. That is a total eenie-whiny writing 😀

I do have 4G too, but somehow today it’s really unbalanced on the bus. At least it’s good enough to run my spotify disco special.

Anyway. I considered staying for one more night because i had a surreal night (not anything i need to specify :D) over there, but i decided not to. I left my kitty with a heavy heart.

If you’ve ever thought how i could’ve left my kittycat over there when i moved away. We had little options to move him. I couldn’t bring him here, because there are animals here already and our old kittycat is really sour when it comes to other cats and she would probably leave. Also we though of bringing him anyways and locating him with my aunt (fresh air in the middle of the forest :D) until i find myself a permanent place to live and bringing him with me then. But he’s been living in our countryhouse his whole life. He’s a complete natureboy and he’s a really good predator. I’m serious… when is till lived there he could bring all kinds of dead animals home. He could pull out a mole or a ”waterrat?” from the hole in the ground and he catched birds with no problem at all. I had to rescue animals all the time. We have a lot of  swallows in there and he haunted them daily bases. Caught some of them and i had to run after him and rescue the birds. At least they always survived.

Anyway my point is that he’s a wild animal in it’s own way. So bringing him away from there would’ve done more harm than good. So we decided that we’ll start to visit him as often as we could and spend some time with him (at least one all nighter) and leave punch of food. Until now we’ve managed to visit every weekend (not me personally all the time but someone, at least to check up on him) and he never looks like he’s sick or starving. He looks healthy and happy. That makes my leaving him behind part a little easier. Don’t really know what will the winter bring, but i’ll figure something out !
Anyway, that’s the story with this awesome little kitty. This time i saw the most ticks on him that i’ve ever seen, anywhere 😀 He’s always so clean and healthy and nothing’s broken, nothing’s hurt and this time he had at least four ticks on him, tiny ones but still. I could talk about him for hours, but i think you and i will get bored.
Today i have one digital drawing in my agenda, so keep your eyes open 🙂
Best wishes from the girl who doesn’t know the meaning of deep and meaningful,
PS! My laptop is monstrous. I’ve used the laptop for two hours and listening music and even peeked a little  that 70s show and walking dead and it still has 3hr left on battery. When i bought this one i actually didn’t even look how long the battery lasts. My last dell laptop worked on battery for one year only and after that it had to be wired at all times so it’s pretty much awesome to have an ACTUAL laptop 😀

! I am not responsible for the mistakes that occur in this chit-chat 😀

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