‘Lollipop theme’

I’m totally aware that my blog looks like a can of lollipops at the moment, but what can i do. I’m more that sure that this want for a blogtheme that looks like candyland will pass soon. Until then.. let’s just drown ourselves in my purple-pink world πŸ˜€
Ma olen tΓ€iesti kursis sellega, et mu blogi nΓ€eb hetkel vΓ€lja nagu Γ€mber pulgakomme, aga mis seal ikka. Ma olen rohkem kui kindel, et soov sellise vΓ€rvikΓΌlluse jΓ€rgi mΓΆΓΆdub ΓΌsna pea. Seniks aga uputame end lilla-roosa vΓ€rvidesse πŸ˜€

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