Christmas with family

So. Christmas is finally over. I actually wasn’t really up to celebrating snowless christmas with no christmas feeling what so ever, but all turned out great. We had a big gathering with relatives yesterday and it was literally tons of fun. We’ve had some new members in our ‘family’ and they were the main entertainers. I really have no idea what we did before we had 2 and a half (half because the third one was too tiny to give an effort to entertain us) entertainers.
Niisiis, jõuluaeg on ometi läbi. Tegelikult polnud ma üldse jõululainele meelestatud, arvestades, et jõulutunne puudub. Suuresti sp, et lund on null ja õues on roheline. Eile veetsime jõuluõhtu sugulaste seltsis ja seal vähemasti korvas seltskond lumetu jõulu. Meil on aastaga lisandunud päris mitu uut ‘pereliiget’ ja nemad olid meie õhtu vaatemäng. Mul pole õrna aimu kuidas me ennist oleme hakkama saanud. 

Little Tristan and his two uncles just being awesome / Väike Tristan ja tema kaks onu, lihtsalt muhedad

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