Simple, Sherlock

I don’t know if you are in fact a Sherlock‘s watcher, but i sinceraly hope you are. It’s the holy grail of humor. But to be fair, for me 80% of the affection consists of AWESOME cast. The mysteries get old quickly. It hasn’t gotten old so far, but eventually it might. Anyway, i’m not speaking to low this magnificent tv-series, but to haunt you down and force you to watch! πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Simple, Sherlock

  1. TΓ€pselt nii, vΓ΅iks ju vahelduseks midagi kvaliteetset vaadata. HΓ€id seriaale on rohkem kui lugeda jaksad, aga 99% pole nad siiski 'kvaliteetsed' πŸ˜›


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