I’m afraid that there’s no room in my days to add a new tv-show, but it’s getting harded and harder to resist. I mean they keep coming up with these brilliant shows with even more brilliant cast and what…i am just suppose to let it by? I don’t think so. I am tempted to add couple of hours to my days.
Anyway i found this new show ”True detective” with… drumrole… Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. This is beyond awesome. And i’m just nailing myself on the chair to start watching the first episode. I’m so excited πŸ˜€
Ma kardan, et minu pΓ€evas ei leidu enam vabu aegu uute seriaalide jaoks, aga nende eiramine on aina raskem. Viimasel ajal on super seriaalide buum, milles on tΓ€iesti briljantne cast. Ja ma pean lihtsalt silma kinni pigistama? Ma arvan, et ei! Ma olen peaaegu valmis liitma oma 24h paar tundi lisaks.
Igatahes, uus seriaal mille avastasin on ”True detective”, milles peaosas… oeh, trummipΓ΅rin ja pisar silmas… Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. TΓ€iesti pΓΆΓΆrane. Ma naelutan end kolmeks episoodiks (niipalju on episoode vΓ€ljas) tooli kΓΌlge! Olen elevil!

1 EPISODE SEEN: Well, i was right, it’s fucking good!Β 
1 EPISOOD NΓ„HTUD: Jep, kurat kui hea!

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