My first Pi-ret Jewelry earrings and more

I got myself my first Pi-ret Jewelry earrings today. They are beyond perfect. They are literally exactly what i had imagined. They are polite and not too extravagant. The gold gives sophistication and pearl adds some sweet undertone. Bottom line: i’m so happy and it’s by far the best purchase i’ve made in a long time! And i’m afraid it won’t be my last Pi-ret Jewelry buy πŸ˜›

Jewelry’lt. KΓ€isin kolm ringi linna vahelt terve pΓ€eva jooksul kuna esimesel korral jΓ€i isikut tΓ΅endav dok maha. Aga kΓ΅ik oli vÀÀrt seda. PΓ€eva lΓ΅petasin imeheas tujus!Β  KΓ΅rvarΓ΅ngad on imelised. TΓ€pselt sellised, mida ette kujutasin: viisakad ja mitte liiga ekstravagantsed. Kuld annab ‘elutarkuse’ ja pΓ€rl lisab armsa alatooni. KokkuvΓ΅ttes olen vΓ€ga Γ΅nnelik ja olen veendunud, et see oli parim ost ΓΌle pika-pika aja. Ja ilmselt ka mitte viimane ehtepaar Piretilt πŸ™‚

Second purchase of the day was this amazing organizer ‘book’. I refuse calling it diary, it’s way too beautiful. I’ve always been sucker for those big awesome organizers. When it comes to putting information down for myself, handwritten is my thing!

Teine pΓ€evaost on see imeline mΓ€rkmik-korraldaja. Olen alati olnud igasuguste mΓ€rkmike ja pΓ€evikute suur fΓ€nn. Kui asi puudutab info-enda-jaoks, siis on see alati kΓ€sitsi maha kirjutatud.

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