My muffins

Almost everyone has that ‘dish’ which they do well and people like it. Mine are these apple-raisin-coconut muffins. To be fair i do not make them from scratch, i use that muffin powder (in my experience no muffin dough finishes up as well as those powders, that’s my opinion only). But they are really good and opposite of dry.  Anyway, people (me too ofcourse) seem to love them.
Peaaegu igal inimesel on olemas see nö ‘firmaroog’, mida ta teeb hästi ja mis pea kõigile maitseb. Minu rida on need muffinid, õuna-rosina-kookose. Olgu mainitud, et ma ei tee muffineid nullist (pole nii entusiastlik kokapreili) vaid ikka sellest pulbrist. Aga isiklikult eelistangi pulbritainas, pole siiani saanud nii head nullist ‘tainast’. Igatahes need muffinid on imehead ja lihtne teha (ilmselgelt :D), väga mahlased! 

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