well hello saturday

Today i spent most (half) of the day visiting my sister. Me and my aunt went to borrow a suitcase but ended up helping my sister put up a new and beautiful wallpaper. There were a lot of people (i still don’t know why :D) and it was a nice saturday. Also we stopped at this beautiful bridge on the way back, but that one time i didn’t bring my camera with moah…that’s when you actually need it πŸ˜€
TΓ€nase pΓ€eva veetsin Γ΅de kΓΌlastades. Mina ja mu tΓ€di lΓ€ksime algselt vaid kohvri jΓ€rgi, aga lΓ΅petasime hoopis tapeedi panemisega. Seal oli palju inimesi ja imetore laupΓ€ev mΓΆΓΆdus kiirelt. Tagasitulles peatusime ΓΌhe imeilusa silla juures. Üks kord elus, mil otsustasin kaamera mitte kaasa vΓ΅tta, just siis seda vaja πŸ˜€

Pildid on tehtud telefoniga / Pictures are taken with my phone

It’s becoming kind of a habbit to receive things whenever i see my sister. This time i got these shoes from sportsdirect.com that turned out to be too big for her. They are not really converse kind of sneakers, they have to stay clean to be beautiful, so i have that bar to live up to πŸ˜€
Igakord on Γ΅elt midagi saadud kui kokku satub. Ütleme nii, et asi on muutunud juba regulaarseks. Seekord sain need sportsdirect.com jalanΓ΅ud, mis talle osutusid liiga suureks. Ja sobisid minu karujalgadele superhΓ€sti. Need ei ole pΓ€ris sellist stiili sniikrid nagu converse omad, sest neid tuleb ilusana hoida, et asi toimiks πŸ˜›

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