Healthier and happier

Hakkasin eilsest jooksma. Jep, mina. Laisk nagu loom. Ei tea kust see tuli, aga olen juba kaks päeva vastu pidanud. Aplaus! Viimati jooksin vist keskkoolis. Uhke pole, aga ilustama ka ei hakka! Igatahes, loodame, et saab hakkama.
Tekkis küsimus kuidas jooksmise ajal oli aega pildistada? Jep, tean seda tunnet, ise ka mõtsin. Aga täna minnes oli nii ilus, et ma peatusin iga saja meetri tagant 😀

I started running. Yes… me. The laziest person on the planet. I have no idea where this enthusiasm came from, but  i’ve managed to keep it up for 2 days now. Applause! I think i last ran when i was in highschool. I’m not proud of it, but why lie or sugarcoat it!
Later on i wondered how the hell did i manage to take pictures while i was running. Magic! No. It was actually so beautiful today, that i couldn’t run more than 100 m before i stopped to take pictures. Fortunately on my way back i restrained myself.

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