New chucks

On a hunch i went to Sportland today, hoping the sneaker sale was still on. Yes it was. Awesome, still 44€ for a ‘regular buyer’. So i decided to purchase dark ones this time. I don’t like black chucks so i went with dark blue (ofcourse if one day i have all prefered tones i will get the black ones also, i just don’t find them as appealing). Now i want red and light coralpink. I have a problem that i’m not going to fix πŸ˜€ TΓ€na hΓΌppasin lΓ€bi Sportlandist, lootes, et sniikrite allahindlus on veel tΓ€ies hoos. Ja oli. Awesome, ikka veel vaid 44€ pΓΌsikale. Seekord osutusid valituks madalad tumesinised. Mustad ei tΓ΅mba mind ΓΌldse. Need meenutavad hullult neid, mis kunagi (ilmselt siiani) igalpool mΓΌΓΌdi mingi 20 krooniga. Loomulikult kui lemmikud saavad ostetud ja raha ΓΌle, siis kindlasti soetaks ka need. Converse on converse. NΓΌΓΌd tahaks veel punaseid ja korallroosasid. Mul on probleem, mida ma ei paranda! πŸ˜€

Β By far my new favorite beverage / Uus lemmik jook!

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