New in..

Here are most of the purchases i made. Socks and stuff like that is not presented! Sorry! 
Siin siis mõned ostud Tallinnast. Sokid ja muu jama jääb esitlemata! Sorri! 

A bit more coralpink on live / Laivis pisut rohkem koralliroosa! H&M

Kind of a dress / Kleidi sarnane asi. LINDEX

Simple blouse / Lihtne maika. LINDEX

Jacket / Jakk. LINDEX

Casual Desigual bag / Vabaaja kott. Desigual (Awesome!!). Denim Dream’i outlet

Wristwatch / Käekell. ROCC AL MARE

Coralpink scarf / Korallroosa sall. RESERVED


And plus one pair of coral pink chucks. Yes, i seem to have a problem. But come on, they are way too cute. 
Ja üks ost Haapsalust lisaks. Jep, uued sniikrid. Mul on probleem! Aga need on ju korallroosad, i mean… armas!

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