10 facts about me

1. I’m extremely afraid of heights.
Not only the 22th floor, but  i already get anxious on the 2nd floor. That comes from genetics, specifically, from my father.
2. I’m not keen on summer.
At least not in a way that most people are. I prefer cold to warm. I have a clear theory, that you can always warm yourself up in some ways. But if there’s 30 degrees outside, you have much less options to handle it. I also dislike tanning. I haven’t really had any problems with light skin, so i don’t actually tan. Maybe couple of times in the spring, because you only need little sun to get some color on you. But i almost never do in summer. I don’t have that lying-down gene in me.
3. I’m afraid of spiders.
Well that’s not really something new. But i’m not simply afraid of them. I once had a long legged spider on my head. After getting it off my hair i didn’t talk like 2 hours. I was in such a shock. That example just illustrates my fear of those creatures.
4. At age 15 i was a sleepwalker. I never knew what promt it but for 3 nights in a row i did some real weird things. Some of it i even remember. Imagine doing something that you don’t have control over. First night, i just sat on my bed and tapped my feet on foot of my bed. On the second night i made some artwork on the wall of my bathroom, with my NAILS! On the third night i walked to my kitchen and sat down next to a table and just… sat for a long while! I ofcourse scared the hell out of my parents. After 3 nights i never did it again. I do occasionally talk in my sleep though.
5. I’m an east european who loves country music. I do listen regular music as well, but my deep love lies in country music. I love the whole western topics as well: hats, rodeos, ranches and so on.
6. I only brush my hair when i’m getting ready to wash them!
7. I might never want to have kids of my own. I’m only 24 (actually in 12 days) so i might change my mind someday, but i might not to. If i do, then no more than 1. I don’t really want to advertise it, but i’m not ashamed of it either. It does not mean that i hate kids. I like most of them!
8. I’ve had more injuries on my right knee than anywhere else on my body…together. I fell on my knee years and years back (in Finland), against the edge of a yacht. And after that my leg will probably never recover 100%. I had a lot of pain for a long time after that. For 2-3 years. Pain that came from sitting too long. Even car-bus rides were torture. When i can’t stretch my legs at least once in 10 minutes i get to experience pain which brings tears in my eyes. Also i couldn’t kneel on the leg, that was not an option!  After couple of years i visited my doctor on another subject and asked on a hunch wheather i should worry. He said that it’s probably a big bruising inside which heals for a long-long time, if ever. Anyway. Everytime it started to get better i fell with a bike or some other weird way and i was back where i started. It never heals completely, because i keep giving it injuries. I can though kneel now and touch it, but bus-car rides still hurt like hell.
9. I have a natural yet unnatural bond with nature. It’s not just a wish to walk there every once in a while. But more like getting even a bad feeling when i don’t at least couple times in a week.
10. I get tired of people. Really easily.  I can assure you, over the years i’ve realized that it’s the worst characteristic of one’s personality. It’s something i’m constantly  working on. But you can’t really change a person.

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