Random few days

You have no idea how sick i am of this heat. I can’t wait for this stupid summer to be over. Sorry. I’m emotional, this weather is killing me. I’m starting to lose all hope for any brighter future πŸ˜€ Plus i have literally no strength in me to go out and make pictures.
Te ei kujuta ette ka kui siiber mul sellest kuumalainest on. Ma ei suuda oodata, mil see tobe suvi lΓ€bi saab ja imeilus sΓΌgis uksele koputab. Sorri, ma olen ÀÀrmiselt emotsionaalne ja tujukas, see kuum tapab mind ΓΌsna pea! Olen vaikselt kaotamas lootuse parema tuleviku osas πŸ˜€ Pluss, mul on null jaksu minna ja teha mΓ΅nusaid pilte!

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