Finland / part 1

Me, my sister and her boyfriend had a little trip to Finland gone weekend. We had a place to stay and car under our butts, so we got to discover a lot. Main interest was towards flea markets which are goldmines there. We found a lot of things and i will make a separate entry with some (i won’t be posting clothing) of the stuff i personally bought.
In IKEA i pretty much went nuts. In there you pretty much lose control over your hands and mind. But i have no regrets! 😀
As there are so many photos i will be dividing them into three separate posts (each for one day). I won’t be talking about every picture but i will comment some highlights.
Mina, minu õde ja tema elukaaslane käisime väikesel Soome tripil mineval nädalavahetusel. Meil oli koht kust ööbida ja auto pepsi all, seega saime palju avastada. Põhirõhk oli kirpistel, mis on seal justkui kullakaevandused. Leidsime päris palju asju ja teen sellest kindlasti eraldi postituse (riided jäävad välja). 
IKEA’s sai põhimõtteliselt mõistus kaotatud. Aru ja kätekontrolli kaotamine on seal täiesti tavaline. Aga mul pole kahetusi! 😀
Pilte on loomulikult palju ja sestap’ jaotan pildid kolmeks (päevati). Ei kommenteeri igat pilti, aga mõned paremad palad küll!
BTW, if you’re not yet following me in Instagram (@annbuht) then you might not know that i received a camera for ”testdrive”: Canon EOS 700D. Upcoming pictures are made with said camera. I got it just one day before my trip! I will make a focused review about the camera soon. I just thought i’d let you know so you could also judge the camera 🙂
MUIDE, kui te pole veel minu Instagram’i jälgijad (@annbuht), siis ei pruugi te veel kursis olla, et sain endale prooviks uue kaamera: Canon EOS 700D. Soome pildid said kõik nüüd antud kaameraga tehtud. Kindlasti tuleb sellest ka peatselt ülevaade/arvustus. Aga mõtsin teada anda, et tegu proovikaamera piltidega. Saate aimu, mis pilte kaamera teeb! 🙂

via phone
via phone

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