Finland part 5 / Happy squirrels

Yes, i still have pictures from Finland left. This would be part 5 and i still have more to come. This is though the beginning of our last stay there. 
Me and my sister were waiting for others sitting outside when we heard this squeaking and rattling sounds. There were these two squirrels who were not afraid of us… like at all. I pretty much stood 2m away from them. They were running on the trees and on the ground. They were pretty brave over there.

Jah, mul on ikka veel pilte Soomest. See on juba viies postitus, aga ikka veel jagub! Aga see on ühtlasi viimase päeva esimene osa. 
Mina ja õde ootasime õues ülejäänud seltskonda kui äkitselt kuulsime puudelt piuksumist ja suterdamist. Kaks oravat olid suures mänguhoos või siis kurameerimistantsudega hõivatud (?). Nad olid väga julged. Üks hetk seisin neist vist kõigest 2m kaugusel. Nad jooksid puudel ja maas ja vaatepilt oli väga vinge 😀

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