Christmas movie night: Polar Express

Have You ever seen Polar Express? (if not, then i recommend it with all my heart) 
I mean there’s always been Grinch, the one who literally stole christmas, because without watching that one at least one time during december, your damn happy holiday is stolen. But later in life i discovered Polar Express, as did many of us i’m sure. I’ve been watching it ever since it came out. At least couple of times during one christmas holiday. And here i am, 24 years old, and i still tear up whenever i see that boy saying: i believe (3x) and then the bell rings. Magical! 
Do you have your special christmas movies/cartoons, that you’ve been loyal to?

Olete te kunagi näinud Polaarekspressi? (kui ei, siis soovitan kogu südamest)
Grinch on alati olemas olnud! See kes reaalselt röövib sinu jõulud kui sa seda detsembris vähemalt korra ei vaata. Elu teisel poolel tuli aga juurde veel Polaarekspress, kindlasti paljudel. Olen seda vaadanud ajast, mil see välja tuli. Vähemalt paar korda ühe hooaja jooksul. Ja siin ma olen, 24 aastane, kes ikka veel pillib kui väike poiss korrutab: ma usun ning seejärelt kellukest helistab. Maagiline!
Kas teil on olemas need kindlad multikad/filmid, millele olete ustavaks jäänud?

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