Photostory: Winter stroll

I’m really pleased how this camera turned out to be. It’s an extremely capable tiny camera. And while previous Canon (powershot G1 X) was a bit sensitive to cold, this one was totally fine with -2 to -5 degrees! Worked just as sharply!Β 
I apologize, Rambo is not at all a dog-model. I only get to capture his behind. All together, it was one fun walk. I’ve dreamed of this cold/snowy/sunny weather for quite a while now! I encourage you to take walks in the woods as well, it’s so relaxing. I may not be the most modest naturefreak ( i have my headphones on, or at least one, and i keep shooting every branch with my mean machine ) but i still feel that it’s better than nothing at all πŸ™‚

Ma olen vΓ€ga rahul kuidas praegune Canon vΓ€lja kukkus. See on ΓΌks vΓ€ga vΓ΅imeline tilluke tegelane! Samal ajal kui eelmine katsejΓ€nes, Canon Powershot G1 X, oli suhteliselt tundlik just kΓΌlma temperatuuri suhtes, siis EOS M jaoks pole -2 kuni -5 mingi probleem. TΓΆΓΆtab ikka sama teravalt!Β 
Vabandan, et mu vanamees ei ole just see kΓ΅ikse parim koer-modell, ainult tagumikuga naeratab kaamerale! KokkuvΓ΅ttes oli ΓΌks tore jalutuskΓ€ik. Olen juba pikalt-pikalt oodanud ilma, mis oleks kΓΌlm/paksult lumine/pΓ€iksepaisteline! Julgustan ka teid minema metsa jalutama, see on nii ‘láágastav’. Ma kΓΌll ei ole kΓ΅ige ehedam loodusefriik ( kΓ΅rvaklapid peas, vΓ€hemalt ΓΌks, ja ainult kaamera nΓ€pus tulistan igat oksa), aga parem kui mitte ΓΌldse minna!

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