Work in progress: KK

While drawing hair on paper is my least favorite thing (by far) in the whole wide world, drawing hair on tablet is the most relaxing thing. You have no idea what detail really means when you haven’t done this… drawing hair on tablet! With both you have to have patience to draw every single hair. Otherwise it won’t have that realistic spark. At the moment you can see that the tip of the black lock is not nearly as nice as the finished bright black strand. To sum it up, i like drawing hair! πŸ˜‰
Kui juuste joonistamine paberil on minu jaoks suur EI, siis digilaual on see hoopis kΓ΅ige láágastavam tegevus! Teil pole Γ΅rna aimugi, mida tΓ€hendab detail kui te pole juukseid digilaual joonistanud! MΓ΅lemaga peab olema ulmeliselt kannatlikkust, et kirja panna iga viimne juuksekarv. Vastasel juhul ei saavuta seda realislikku sΓ€ra. Momendil vΓ΅ite mΓ€rgata, et lokisalgu tipp pole isegi ligilΓ€hedal sellele, mida kujutab endast see sΓ€rav viimistletud must algus! Igatahes, mulle meeldib juukseid joonistada! πŸ˜‰

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