Second digital artwork finished / Kristel

So, i’m finally done with this one. There’s always room for improvement, but all-in-all i’m quite happy how it turned out. She has magnificent hair and i’m happy that i could deliver it properly. In fact, i’m really proud of myself because i totally nailed the hair part! πŸ˜€
Nii, olen lΓ΅puks saanud ΓΌhele poole selle joonistusega. Ruumi arenemiseks on alati, kuid kokkuvΓ΅ttes olen pΓ€ris rahul selle tulemusega. Sellel neiul on pΓΆΓΆraselt ilusad juuksed ning Γ΅nneks said ka need oma vÀÀriliselt ”paberile”. Kusjuures juuksed tulid seekord vΓ€ga kenasti vΓ€lja!

Using upcoming material (in any way) is strictly prohibited / Alloleva materjali kasutamine on rangelt keelatud

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