Cozy saturday

I have to apologize in front, because i won’t be uploading today’s challenge picture. I had an idea in mind, but my heels are still pretty wrecked after the day of fun with my air max’es. I did try going out with my comfiest shoes, but i only made it like half a mile before i came running back. I wasn’t dying from pain, but i didn’t wanna ruin the healing progress by making it worse. So i came back home and i will try again tomorrow (putting some magic cream on and hoping for the best). So until then these will have to do. 
Pean vabandama ette, kuna ma ei lae täna üles väljakutse fotot. Mul oli mõte olemas, aga teostus jäi minu kulunud kandade taha. Proovisin minna rändama, aga peale poolt miili jooksin koju tagasi. Isegi kõige mugavamad papud ei lubanud mul olla. Valu polnud küll talumatu, aga ma ei tahtnud asja hullemaks teha. Ootan veel natuke, panen imekreemi ja proovin homme uuesti! Seniks allolev!

Pictures via Canon EOS 70D

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