Life via Instagram

You can find my instagram HEREΒ / Leiate mind instagram’ist SIIT

I had my first check-up after my operation and i must say it was horrifying, being back there… Every hallway and corner. Even that door gave me shivers. Like i was just about to do it again. My mother, who’s had several operations in her lifetime, said that i will never lose that feeling.
Oh, just a footnote. I almost had nothing to talk about with my doc and just 1 day later my hair started to fall out. Cursing myself, that’s a new low πŸ˜€
Mul oli esimene kontroll peale oppi. Pean ΓΌtlema, et seal haiglas tagasi olla… kΓ΅ik koridorid ja isegi see uks pani mu ihu vΓ€risema. Minu ema, kes on lΓ€bi kΓ€inud nii mΓ΅negi opi, ΓΌtles et see tunne jÀÀb igavesti alles!
VÀike kárvalmÀrge. Mul polnud arstiga muffigi rÀÀkida. Ja ainult 1 pÀev hiljem hakkas mul juukseid vÀlja langema. Ausalt, ise panen endale needusi peale!

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