Life via Instagram

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I had my first check-up after my operation and i must say it was horrifying, being back there… Every hallway and corner. Even that door gave me shivers. Like i was just about to do it again. My mother, who’s had several operations in her lifetime, said that i will never lose that feeling.
Oh, just a footnote. I almost had nothing to talk about with my doc and just 1 day later my hair started to fall out. Cursing myself, that’s a new low 😀
Mul oli esimene kontroll peale oppi. Pean ütlema, et seal haiglas tagasi olla… kõik koridorid ja isegi see uks pani mu ihu värisema. Minu ema, kes on läbi käinud nii mõnegi opi, ütles et see tunne jääb igavesti alles!
Väike kõrvalmärge. Mul polnud arstiga muffigi rääkida. Ja ainult 1 päev hiljem hakkas mul juukseid välja langema. Ausalt, ise panen endale needusi peale!

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