ABCS 2015

Pictures via Canon EOS 750D

Have you ever attended American Beauty Car Show in Haapsalu? Odds are that you haven’t but i do recommend it if you like retro awesome cars. I didn’t buy a ticket this year but i did lurk around and watch cars that drive around and park around the city.

And well in the middle we had a lovely dinner with my co-worker. And ofcourse i had to capture my meal, there’s no other possible way to enjoy one’s meal ūüėÄ
Kas te olete kunagi k√ľlastanud/osalenud Ameerika autode n√§itusel Haapsalus? Ilmselt mitte, aga ma siiralt soovitan, eriti kui austate √§gedaid retroautosid. See aasta ma k√ľll piletit ei ostnud (sest see on liiga kallis ja ma pole piisavalt suur autof√§nn), aga luusisin linnas ringi ja nautisin neid, mis ilma rahata end n√§itamas k√§isid.
Lisaks k√§isime peale t√∂√∂d t√∂√∂kaaslasega m√Ķnusalt √Ķhtust s√∂√∂mas. Ja muidugi pidi selle kohe √ľles pildistama. Ei saa muudmoodi!

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