5 shows to watch

I haven’t done this segment for a while now. But truth be told, i haven’t been watching that many new shows. But it’s perfect time to finally choose 5 new(ish) shows to watch, it’s that season where oldies return and new ones begin. But i don’t wanna keep you waiting, so here we go.

1. Zoo

This one has everything to keep you on your toes. Even if it lacks on good actors, the thrilling story makes up for that!
It’s about somewhat twisted potential faith that human race could actually face. I mean not in those terms, but… The show tells a story where animals have had it. Centuries of human cruelty has finally reached to its low point. Odd animal behaviour is just the beginning.Β 
I must point out that actors are mostly terrible, but seriously… the story is so actual these days and you really find yourself thinking: could this actually happen? πŸ˜‰
IMDB rate: solid 7,0

2. Quantico

Now this one was such an unexpected surprise. I wasn’t expecting much, really. I assumed it would be another crimeshow that would just fill my time. I would watch it but not really enjoy it. There’s been only one episode so far but man… it was, in my opinion, very strong pilot. There were twists that you don’t really see in pilots. You see them in movies but not in tv series pilots. Where people who are beautiful and complicated get to die first and fast. Anway i was on my toes the whole time! It’s about young group of ‘students’ who are stepping into the hardest bootcamp there is: FBI agent training. When you enter that world you become transparent. If you don’t you end up dead. There’s no secrets when it comes to being an agent. So the first episode narrows down people who aren’t right for THAT job. What makes it more thrilling, the story starts to bounce in time. There’s a terrorist in the middle of the recruits! Oh man, i can’t wait for episode 2 to drop!
IMDB rate: 7,7

3. Fear the walking dead

I was so worried about this one. I was pretty sure it would be a cheap spin-off, just to squeeze out some extra money from the original show. So i was pretty skeptic going in. But you do go in when you are a Walking dead watcher. But as it turned out, it’s actually its own show. You don’t find yourself constantly comparing with the original show. It has its own storyline which is refreshing. ‘Cause truth be told, i’m starting to get tired of the Walking Dead storyline. I’m probably not going to stop watching TWD, but still.
FTWD follows time before and during the outbreak. I think the cast is brilliant and the story goes in light speed. Not too hasty. But i’m sure it will pick up its pace. TWD was slow at the beginning as well.Β 
Anyway, if you are TWD ‘fan’ you most certainly should at least give it a chance to amaze you! πŸ™‚

IMDB rate: 7,8

4. Blood & Oil

Another newbie but a goodie. Even the title gives away how much drama this show will have. It has very enjoyable cast and storyline is tempting as well.. at least so far.
Young couple moves to start a new and risky life that at first fails. But when there’s oil, there’s always opportunities left to right.
It doesn’t actually knock my socks off, but i’m tempted to watch another episode!

IMDB rate: 7,0

5. Heroes reborn mini-series

So far the reborn is weaker compared to the original Heroes series. But it was long time coming and warmly welcomed.Β 
The story goes: A year ago, a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives. In lamest terms, it has it’s own life and more… Noah Bennet. I’m hopeful to see some old faces. But it’s been confirmed that many of the old crew won’t be attending in this series! Some make guest appearences!
I’ll give it time and we’ll see!
IMDB rate: 8,0

One thought on “5 shows to watch

  1. oo, just pΓ€ev vΓ΅i paar tagasi vaatasin Quantico ja Blood & Oil treilereid ja mΓ΅tlesin, et peaks vΓ΅imaluse andma neile, kuna pimedaks ajaks on niikuinii uusi sarju trenni kΓ΅rvale vaja (PLL, TVD, TWD ja Switched at Birth on muidu ainukesed, mida vaatan/ootan). igatahes, nΓΌΓΌd ootavad mΓ΅lema eelnevalt mainitu piloodid vaatamist ja Fear The Walking Dead'i 4 esimest osa samamoodi, aga neid vaatan vast abikaasaga nagu The Walking Dead'i ennastki oleme kΓ΅ik need aastad koos vaadanud. ja ma reaalselt ei teadnud FTWD olemasolust enne seda postitust siin, nii-et tΓ€nud! πŸ˜‰


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