James Bay live concert

I’ve always had that…somewhat expectation that musicians are truly good when they sound better in live than other way… So i have enormous respect towards singers who are pulling off live better than studio. Even if it’s not exactly my taste.ย 
James Bay however is full on my taste! And yesterday i found myself caught up in his world. I listened his halloween live concert (it’s a short one, but the best available in youtube). A good live concert recording has to meet some standards as well! This one has amazing camerawork and set placing (i dig those light bulb set ups). Anyway i watched it in my phone (don’t worry, i have a big ass phone :D) just before i fell a sleep and i had an amazing night of sleep. Coincidence? I think not! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Do you watch live performance recordings? And if so, please do link me your favorite! (i know Ed Sheeran live performances are also bombgood!)

Do watch it in HD. It would be such a waste to not use it! I’m actually just going to watch it with you once more, no biggie!

4 thoughts on “James Bay live concert

  1. Ma loodan sellele, et Ed Sheeran tegi ka suure tรคhelennu just oma siirate laulude ja meeldiva hรครคlega. Kuna James Bay sarnaneb minu arust paljuski Ed'ile (ta ei ole klassikaliselt nรคgus, tal on ilusad, samas mitte rรตvedad ega nilbed, laulusรตnad ning tal on ehtsalt ilus hรครคl mis peaks iseenesest paljuele peale minema), siis loodan, et tema tรคhelend on veel ees (lรผhikest aega tagasi ta veel nii popp ei olnud, oli ainult see kurikuulus Let it go, mis pole kindlasti tema ainuke superhรครค lugu). Ja kui kuulsus veel tuleb, siis sรคilib ka lootus, et รคkki tรตesti leiab ka tee siia. Sest ma samuti vรคga loodan seda! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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