Unreal fortune

Meanwhile when my first vlog is going up, i’ll be showing you my today’s purchases. This lambskin rug that i got from a flea market, can’t really believe it myself! No there were no more rugs (i would’ve taken the others too) πŸ˜€
I was actually looking for it. Desperately. I’ll be shooting my favorite babyboy tomorrow and i, being a huge clichΓ©, ofcourse wanted a lambrug for the baby. So i phoned everyone to track down who has one, but noone did. Or if they did they had an old one which has seen better days. So on an off chance i went to suffle through various second hand stores… with a slight hope to find a white fluffy rug or something similar. Or even a big white fur coat woul’ve been ok… And i, being lucky as hell lately, found it in a store that i haven’t been to for 10 years. I always walk by it but i never step into it. Not to mention it had tons of amazing clothings as well. I got 2 blouses and 1 for my mom. There were so much more for my wardrobe, but they dealt with cash and i was out of it by that time and probably for the best. Prices were not very low for a second had store!
And that coffee is just something that caught my eye. It says it’s made locally, i’m a tad suspicious about that! It had various flavors: chocolate, creme brule… and one more that i can’t seem to remember! It’s also plain beans, which is awesome. I ofcourse already tried it… let me just say that i haven’t had that vain and yummy coffee for a long time. My entire house smelled of roasted coffee and creme brulΓ© !
Sellel ajal kui minu esimene vlogi ΓΌles tiksub, nΓ€itan teile oma tΓ€naseid aardeid. See lambavaip, mille sain teise ringi poest, uskuge vΓ΅i mitte. Ise igatahes siiamaani ei usu oma Γ΅nne! Ei seal rohkem polnud πŸ˜€
Tegelikult ei leidnud ma seda juhuslikult. Olin selle otsinguil! Homme on plaanis pildistada oma lemmik beebipoissi. KliΕ‘ee nagu ma olen tahan beebit lambavillavaibal pildistada. Nii ma siis helistasin lΓ€bi kΓ΅ik keda teadsin, et leida ΓΌks lambavaip. Polnud mida polnud! Sestap siirdusin vΓ€ikese Γ΅nne lootuses kaltsukaid kammima. Olin isegi nΓ΅us miski sarnase tootega… kasvΓ΅i suur kasukas. Aga mina kui suur Γ΅nneseen, just viimasel ajal, leidsin selle esimesest kaltsukast kuhu sisse astusin. Pood kuhu pole oma jalga tΓ΅stnud viimased kΓΌmme aastat. See on koht kust alati olen mΓΆΓΆda jalutatud, aga mitte kunagi sisse astutud. VΓ€he sellest, et leidsin vaiba, sain ka kolm imeilusat pluusi. Ühe emale! Oleksin veel mitu tΓΌkki vΓ΅tnud, aga arveldati seal sularahas ja minul sai nende nelja tootega paber otsa… vist parem oligi, sest hinnad olid seal huvitavalt kΓ΅rged. Üks pluus oli isegi 12 euri.Β 
Ja see kohvi on lihtsalt miski mis tΓ΅mbas poes minu tΓ€helepanu. Sellel oli kΓΌll kirjas, et tegu on kohaliku kaubaga, aga mina ei tea… Sel on mitu erinevat ja huvitavat maitset: Ε‘okolaad, creme brulΓ© ja veel kolmas mis meeles pole. Tegu on lihtsate kohviubadega, mis on veelgi parem! Koju jΓ΅udes loomulikult kohe proovisin ja… las ma ΓΌtlen… ma pole ammu midagi nii edevat ja maitsvat proovinud. Kohvi nΓ€ol siis! Terve elamine lΓ΅hnas jahvatatud kohvi ja creme brulΓ© jΓ€rgi!:D

These are the blouses i got from the second hand store / 3 pluusi mille teise ringi poest haarasin
click to see them bigger / vajutage et suuremalt kiigata

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