Annual christmas concert

You know what, i have no christmas spirit what so ever. At least not yet. So i was so pleased today that i agreed to go to this local christmas concert in our local church. Actually i’ve been to that same concert years back. I enjoyed it then and i enjoyed it today. You always get shivers when you go there. This place is madly acoustic.ย 
Anyway, this concert was such a spirit lifter. I almost believed in the middle that when we step outside there will be snow… you know magically ๐Ÿ˜‰
Teate mis, mul pole siiani raasugi jรตulutunnet. Vรคhemalt mitte veel. Seega olin tรคna รครคrmiselt รตnnelik, et otsustasin mรตni aeg tagasi osta pileti sellele jรตulukontserdile. See toimus meie kohalikus kirikus kus on alati hรคsti ilusad esinemised. Akustika on meeletult hea! Vรคhemalt รผks laul on alati kรผlmavรคrinate tekitaja!
Igatahes, tรคnane kontsert oli tรตeline jรตulutunde tekitaja. Ma peaaegu uskusin, et kui kรตik lรคbi ja ma kirikust lahkun siis on lumi maas ja laiad helbed langevad mulle kรคtele… maagiliselt ๐Ÿ˜€

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