First vector drawing experience

As some of you may already know i recently started my very first vector drawing. Why? I’m not quite sure. I’ve never actually liked them so i’m not sure what prompted me to make one. Curiosity perhaps?
Well, it turned out to be one hell of a challenge. As i’m used to using my pencils, in either physical or digital form, not using one was HELL. Hell i say!Β I found myself constantly eyeing that tablet pencil on my table. Just to add that realistic twist.
And here’s the result. I know it’s pretty bad, but at least i tried. And now i have one more experience in my pocket πŸ™‚
VΓ΅ib-olla mΓ΅ned teist juba teavad, et hiljuti alustasin oma esimese vektorjoonistusega. Miks? Ma polegi pΓ€ris kindel miks… mulle pole tegelikult kunagi see stiil vΓ€ga meeldinud, seega ma ei teagi mis mind viis selleni, et seda tehnikat proovida. Vahest uudishimu?
Igatahes kujunes see ettevΓ΅tmine parajaks vΓ€ljakutseks. Kuna olen harjunud kasutama pliiatsit, fΓΌΓΌsilisel vΓ΅i nΓΆ digilaua moel, siis ilma selleta on minu loovus justkui poolenisti kinni seotud. Leidsin end tihti silmanurgast pliiatsit silmamas. Noh, et see reaalsuse konks lisada! Ainult natuke!

Siin on siis tulemus. Tean-tean, ei ole just kunstiteos, aga vΓ€hemalt ma proovisin. Ja nΓΌΓΌ on mul ΓΌks kogemus lisaks! πŸ™‚
Β (background is not in vector)

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