New in footwear: Timberland!

Today i got myself a big ass smile. Well in amazing shoe form! My very first Timberlands. Yay! They had such badass discount that i couldn’t help myself! Anyway, i dig them, a lot! Yay or nay from you guys? Täna sain omale uue suure naeratuse. Noh, jalatsite näol! Minu kõige-kõige esimesed Timberland’id, jeii! NeilContinue reading “New in footwear: Timberland!”

It’s suddenly fall

Lately i’ve been struggling with time… with my new job i don’t actually have regular days off or even evenings so i can’t really plan when i can go and take pictures. But i’ve been prolonging it way too long and i decided to leave dogs alone for an hour and go take some picturesContinue reading “It’s suddenly fall”