Red thrift find

I found this dope jacket from a local thrift store. It’s not leather, it’s more like a sportsjacket! Plus it’s red, which matches perfectly with my red sneakers! I’m so waiting for spring to arrive…full time!  Leidsin täna selle vinge tuuleka kaltsukast. See ei ole nahktagi! Pigem selline kilekas/spordikas! Pluss, see on punane mis sobibContinue reading “Red thrift find”

My time off in Tallinn

I have some time off work and i decided to go meet a client/a friend in one person. I’ve prolonged this meet for two years, so i figured it was time! We had a cozy day drinking tea, eating and chatting about all the right topics. Unfortunately the weather was beyond useless so we didn’tContinue reading “My time off in Tallinn”