Two sisters, Kadi & Kairit!

Pictures via wonderful Canon EOS 750D While the day before yesterday ended with me and my coworkers having a sauna’party’ at my place, then yesterday’s evening turned out to be a photosession. With two sisters who are so alike in so many ways. At first i was a bit worried of how difficult this shootContinue reading “Two sisters, Kadi & Kairit!”

New watch: Anne Klein

About 1 year back i was recruited to a small swedish team who were working towards a new energydrink. And now, one year later, it’s finally done and available in Sweden. Oh and it will soon be available in Estonia as well. How mindblowing is that? Believe me, this journey was harder than i everContinue reading “New watch: Anne Klein”

Nature in my palm

It’s been a while (read: long while) since i last ate blueberries. I’m in somewhat disagreement with these ‘things’. I once, about 10 yrs back, had food poisoning from blueberries and after that i couldn’t ever bare to look at them, let alone eat ’em. But last year when i was attending a festival ”AugustiContinue reading “Nature in my palm”