5 shows to watch

So, i present to you my next carefully selected 5 tv shows to watch. Some of them may be known to you, some might not. Without further introduction, here i go… Niisiis, esitlen teile viis järgmist hoolikalt valitud seriaali, mida vaadata. Mõned neist võivad olla juba tuttavad, mõned mitte. Igatahes, ilma suure sissejuhatuseta, ma siisContinue reading “5 shows to watch”

A quick pro and con list on blogging

Jaanika reminded me today, i haven’t posted anything lately. I mean if you count out the on-going photo challenge, i really haven’t. And to be honest i don’t even have that time lately. I mean, i have time to browse pinterest or facebook (but of course). But blogging (at least for me) takes tons ofContinue reading “A quick pro and con list on blogging”