Look, Haapsalu, we got snow!

Täna oli lõpuks üks korralik talveilm. Selline krõbe ja valge! Kahjuks pildistamine oli hirmusraske, mu sõrmed olid lõpuks nii valusad, et pisar tuli silma! Ma ei tea mis juhtunud on, ma olen nii pehmeks muutunud. Selline külmavares! Today we finally had a real winter weather. Crispy and white! Unfortunately taking pictures was a complete nightmare, my fingersContinue reading “Look, Haapsalu, we got snow!”

1 spinach and 1 berry smoothie!

1. Spinach-banana-berry smoothie (1 person) / Spinati-banaani-marja smuuti This one turned out to be so-so good… sour and refreshing. Unfortunately i discovered that i can’t use red currants. They have some bad-ass seeds that don’t seem to blend. And my condition comes with a recommendation: no seeds! So i didn’t get to enjoy this oneContinue reading “1 spinach and 1 berry smoothie!”