Work in progress: KK

While drawing hair on paper is my least favorite thing (by far) in the whole wide world, drawing hair on tablet is the most relaxing thing. You have no idea what detail really means when you haven’t done this… drawing hair on tablet! With both you have to have patience to draw every single hair.Continue reading “Work in progress: KK”

Digital drawing / first order / WIP / esimene digitaaljoonistus, tellimus

I’ve postponed it for long enough. Finally it’s available for order: digital realistic drawings. I had my doubts and for a long time i wasn’t ready for it. But the timeframe decreases with every try and it doesn’t take me 3 months anymore. I’m finally ready to put a price on it. Anywho. Today iContinue reading “Digital drawing / first order / WIP / esimene digitaaljoonistus, tellimus”

KIKO order

Mida kõige enam KIKO huulepulkades armastan on see, et nad ei ole rasvased! Ma ei talu neid, mis liimivad huuled kokku. Need hakkavad kogunema suunurkadesse ja huule sisemisele servale. Igatahes, terve kandmine on üks ebameeldiv kogemus (minul isiklikult vähemalt, oleneb ilmselt ka huuletüübist). Tean, see on natuke liiga piltlik, aga mul on siiralt siiber neist!Continue reading “KIKO order”