Blueberry smoothie

Ingredients: 2 scoops of frozen blueberries 1 scoop of kefir 1 scoop of blueberry youghurt 1 scoop of sour frozen cherries 1 banana 1 scoop of banana flavored proteinpowder Koostisosad: 2 kulpi külmutatud mustikaid 1 kulp keefirit 1 kulp mustikajogurtit 1 kulp hapukaid külmutatud kirsse 1 (väike) banaan 1 kulp banaanimaitselist valgupulbrit Pictures via CanonContinue reading “Blueberry smoothie”

Homemade smoothie

Ingredients: 5 spoons of home-made applejuice 2 scoops of sour cherries 2 scoops of blackberries 2 spoons of milk 1 teaspoon of palmsugar just a hint of limesyrup 1 scoop of banana protein powder Koostisosad: 5 lusikatäit kodust õunamahla 2 kulbitäit hapusid kirsse 2 kulbitäit mustsõstraid 2 spl piima 1 teelusikas palmisuhkrut pisut laimisiirupit 1Continue reading “Homemade smoothie”

Cherry-spinach smoothie

I’ve started using cherries and spinach in my smoothies. Cherries because every other frozen smoothie ingredient (rasberry, strawberry, blackberry…etc) has seeds in them. And it’s not recommended for me to eat anything that has ”visible” seeds. So cherries and bananad and pineapples are welcomed ingredients! And i’m using less and less yoghurt in my smoothies.Continue reading “Cherry-spinach smoothie”