1 spinach and 1 berry smoothie!

1. Spinach-banana-berry smoothie (1 person) / Spinati-banaani-marja smuuti This one turned out to be so-so good… sour and refreshing. Unfortunately i discovered that i can’t use red currants. They have some bad-ass seeds that don’t seem to blend. And my condition comes with a recommendation: no seeds! So i didn’t get to enjoy this oneContinue reading “1 spinach and 1 berry smoothie!”

Strawberry soy milk smoothie

This time i left out fresh orange juice and replaced it with soy milk. I noticed someone using it in a smoothie and decided to try it out. Result was more insipid, but not unpleasant. Not as intense as citrus!  Ingredient (1 person) 1 cup of Activia yoghurt (strawberry flavored) 1 banana Handful of frozenContinue reading “Strawberry soy milk smoothie”

Cranberry Smoothie

Ingredient (1 person) 2 scoops of frozen cranberries 1 freshly squeezed orange 4 small halves of peaches (canned in its own juice) 1/2 of medium banana 1 peach flavored Activia yoghurt 2 scoops of protein powder Koostisosad (1 inimene) 2 spl külmutatud jõhvikaid 1 värskelt pressitud apelsin 4 poolikut väikest virsikut (konserveeritud omas mahlas) 1/2 keskmist banaaniContinue reading “Cranberry Smoothie”